.Stavros Panighiri Sortiros
Friday 5th & 6th August 2011 .

Stavros Panighiri Sortiros 2

The Second night of Sortiros had quite a different feel to the first. At 11.30pm, when I arrived, it seemed very quiet, but as the clock ticked on, more and more people arrived, filling up the dance floor and congregating around the various hubs of Stavros. By 2am, there seemed more people than the previous night. I remember in the 'old' days, the entire village was brimming with people, from the pharmacy to the last Kafenio, you had to push your way through to get across the village square. The second night took a little longer to warm up, but when it did, it was peaking until dawn.

Above - The guns the gypsey stalls were selling weren't merely BB guns, but they had magazines loaded with hard pellets. Not a toy at all, but a rather dangerous weapon. It won't kill you, but could very easily shoot your eye out.


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