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Exoghi Panighiri Tuesday 17th July 2012

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A calm and warm night awaited all who headed up to the mountain village of Exoghi for Ag. Marina Festival (lovingly known as the Exoghi Panighiri). All the threats of cold and wind turned to nothing to the relief of everyone. Lots of friendly faces from the USA, Canada, Australia, Germany (Yes, some do have friendly faces), France, Greece of course and various other corners of our world, reveled in the knowledge that all were there to firstly, have a great time and secondly to raise money for Ag. Marina church at the center of the village square. There was a noticeable absence of many locals whose faces are usually seen on this night, but whether their absence was due to the forecast wind or the state of the economic crisis, I wouldn't want to speculate. Irregardless, numbers were a little down from other years, but the Kefi was very high and the dance floor was rarely empty. Dancing spread to the street and it seemed enough lubrication was supplied by the bar to keep everyone partying on until the early hours of the morning.

This year, as last year, the exchange rate for the Aus dollar to euro was good enough to bring back the hundreds of Australian/Greeks who have Ithaki at the core of their hearts. Everywhere you pricked your ears, an Australia accent could be heard either speaking with the Aussie tongue or in the well recognized Australian/Ithaki accent. If they weren't here from Australia, then someone had a friend or family member in Australia. If you listened carefully you could also pick up US, South African and Canadian accents. Many ithacans also moved to these countries and to places around Europe, to better their lives. The children and grandchildren of these immigrants are now coming back in droves, valuing the culture of their ancestry. Enjoying Greek dancing, the language, the food and the lifestyle of our beloved Ithaki.

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