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Exoghi Panighiri Tuesday 17th July 2012

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As the clock turned toward 3.30am, the wilder side began to show. There was no sign of the party slowing down, let alone ending. Alot of Kefi (good cheer), by now mainly alcohol driven, ruled the night. By 4am, the crowd began to thin out a little. Left were the hard core party animals who had no need or trouble getting up in the morning. I snuck away about 4.30am and the Exoghi Panighiri was still revved up to go for at least another couple of hours.



I almost made it all through the night without getting abused. I was thrilled at the warm and welcoming response I had from all, but one person, who warned me he would break my camera if I came near him (which I had no intention of doing as he looked so bloody mean) and threatened he'd get us. One small minded and racist person in the hundreds of really great people, isn't bad. Thank you to the gentleman who gave us a gift of very delicious Rovanni and to all the smiling faces. The Exoghi Panighiri as far as I could tell, was a great success for all who attended.

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