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Vathy @ Night The Farmers Market & Children's Choir Katakolo Saturday 11th August 2012

Vathy in August is a colourful and buzzing hub for Ithaki, so it's only fitting that most of the excitement happens in the capital. During August there are always concerts or performances, exhibitions of some kind, to keep the locals and visitors entertained. For instance, the annual Farmers Market brings together cottage farmers who make their own honey, wine, olive oil, jams, sweets and handicrafts etc. They set up their Stalls in the Vathy Square to sell direct to the public. There's always something worth buying and you know it's local and ecologically friendly. The Farmers Market always runs for the weekend. On the first night of the market, the town square also saw a performance of the Children's Choir from Katakolo in the Peleponnese. The choir and young musicians, along with their mentors, performend popular folk songs known to all Greeks, but also enjoyed by the visitors who gathered around the village square to watch. Vathy was lit up with a beautiful atmosphere and the echoes of music reached beyond the bayside to the tiny streets that creep through Vathy.


A really great night out in Vathy. The skies were occasionally lit up by lightning from weather hovering far from our shores, and the bayside lights, which are particularly beautiful at this time of year, coloured up the reflections in the bay. A really magical scene.


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