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A Wedding in Ag. Sarantas Ithaca - Jason and Brody - Tuesday 10th July 2012

It's been some time since the small chapel in the northern village of Ag. Sarantas on the island of ithaca, has been host to a wedding. In 2011 the chapel was given a make-over with new frescos painted on the walls, so it was ready for its debut with the wedding of Brody Thomas and Jason Gabriel who came all the way from Australia to be married on the island. Jason's roots are from this small village so it seemed fitting that he undertake the most important step in his life where his ancestry is rooted. The couple decided on a traditional wedding that was reminiscent of village weddings from long ago. Simple and understated. The bride was escorted to the church by her father Graeme, brother Rory and sister, Cassie, flower girls and musicians, where the groom, the Gabriel family and guests were waiting.

Tom Gabriel, father of the groom, made it a point to mention in conversation and in his speech, that the families were thrilled and appreciative of all the help given them by Ag. Sarantas locals. He credited the community with having an open and welcoming heart. Organizing a wedding from a country thousands of miles away is no easy exercise. There were many behind the scenes helping and giving information on the ins and outs of a Greek church wedding. It's not as simple as a blood test or booking a celebrant. Despite the paper trail and extra organization, the result was a beautiful wedding enjoyed by all.

Congratulations to the Gabriel and Thomas families on the marriage of Brody and Jason. We wish them a happy life together and thank them for letting us share their happy day (and night) with the online community.


The wedding ceremony started at 7pm at the chapel, after which there were drinks at the Gabriel residence next door and then onto Rementzo Restaurant in Frikes, where festivities carried on until the early hours of the morning. There was dancing on tables, breaking of plates and food, food, food. Live Greek music echoed around the bay side, allowing other visitors to the island to also enjoy the wedding as spectators. There is something very special about a Greek Wedding, even when those taking part are here from a land and culture far away.
Again, thank you to the Gabriel and Thomas families for inviting us to the wedding of Brody and Jason, and allowing us to share it with all of you.


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