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Kioni Panighiri Friday 20th July 2012

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During the day, many were commenting on just how quiet the island was, so it was a very nice surprise to see so many people at the Kioni Panighiri, all revved up and ready to party. Many locals of course, but also many visitors to the island, who felt comfortable enough to join in the dancing, even though not all were comfortable with the steps. The Kioni main street was laid out in colourful mayhem, swirling to the greek music that all knew and loved, played by Mnistires. A very successful Kioni festival again this year. I'm certain the local community would have been very pleased with the turn out. Not only does the Kioni Panighiri celebrate Ag. Lia (St. Lia) but it's also an opportunity to raise some money for the local community and its church, which is always at its core.

At the Kioni Panighiri, it's not unusual to see children up until the early hours of the morning. It's a time for all ages to celebrate. The restaurants served up their specialties and the band, served up some great music. Seems now that Mnistires don't play every Panighiri, due to budget reasons, the crowds really appreciate them even more. This year in Kioni as in Exoghi, there was no police presence whatsoever, probably also due to budget considerations, but there really wasn't any need for them. Traffic wise there were no jams and there were no other disturbances that would require police.

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