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Perahori Wine Festival Saturday 28th 2012

This year's Wine Festival in Perahori fell on a record warm night. The sultry weather made for a comfortable atmosphere in the mountain village of Perahori however. There was lots of dancing, helped along by the local wine which flowed freely to those who attended. If you attended early like I did, then you paid a 5 euro entrance fee. Money well spent on helping the community continue this tradition. Many turned up late for the completely free party as they do every year and continued celebrating into the early hours of the morning.

This year's festival had the pleasure of including the Dance Group from Marinella, Italy, whom Ithaki's dance Group, Chariloas Tsigonias had the pleasure of visiting in Italy earlier this year. They occupied a large table at the festival which included the Mayor and other Council representatives, as well as Ithaki's Chariloas Tsigonias members.

The president  MANIAS  CHRISOSTOMOS and members of Ithacas dance group ''XARILAOS TSIGWNIAS'', welcomed  the Italian sailors from the  CLUB  ''LEGA NAVALEITALIANA' who shared at table at the Wine Festival.

Many noted that it was worth going to the festival, just to see the children of Chariloas Tsigonias dance.

At this year's wine festival at Perahori, in honor of their Italian guests, Mr LIVIOSPINELLI, VIOGRAFOS TOY MEGALOU ITALOU EFEYRETI GOYLIELMOU  MARKONI, and the president of the CLUB ''LEGA NAVALE ITALIANA''  Mr CORADO  GAVASSOME and his wife  CATERINA  ROSSI were  the regional representative for Ithaca SMARAGDA SARDELLI and and the Mayor Mr IOANNIS  KASSIANOS and his wife, the vice mayor mrs ELENH RAFTOPOYLOU and her husband and dance groups instructor Mr SOULTANASKONSTANTINOS, who came from Patra. The great success of this years wine festival at Perhori is due to the faultless organization and hard work of Perahoris  community group  president  Mr DIONYSH PATSALIA  and his members
Congratulations to the wonderful  music that was provided from the band from Sami (Kefalonia) ''SAMIOTIS'' headed by  Makis Fillipatou, which took the celebrations to the early hours of the morning.

I left around 1.30am just when the hardcore party animals were beginning to arrive. With so many festivals still to come, we'll see plenty of the drunken antics before the summer is over, but for the Perahori Wine Festival, I just wanted to show the decent folks that make up one of the friendliest communities on the island. The people of Perahori always make visitors feel welcome with their warm smiles and generosity of spirit.


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