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Platrithia Panighiri Panaghias Wednesday 15th August 2012

Platrithia Panighiri for the celebration of Panaghias is the last big festival for the Summer season, and although there is one more in Kathara, this festival notes the apex of the Season. The village square in which this panighiri is held is always so brightly lit that with the heavy shadows falling over the concrete, the photos really lent themselves to being in black and white. On arriving at the panighiri, I was told that there had been a split in the committee and that the splitting faction was having it's own celebration down at Polis Bay. I had thought about going down for a look, but as I wasn't really invited, and didn't at that time know if it was a public or private event, I decided to spend my time in Platrithia, at the location at which this panighiri is traditionally held. Even with the split and a lesser attendance, the spirits and good cheer were very high, reminiscent of days gone by when there were mostly locals from the area who came to dance and celebrate. Although there were visitors and locals from all over the island attending, it still had this very quaint and traditional feel. Quite nice actually. Members from committees of other villages came along to help out behind the bars and ticket booth as a show of neighbourly love and all worked out ok.

After an hour or so, alot of fluids, the best toilet stop and quiet area was a quick trip to Yefuri, where the mood lighting was in stark comparison to the Platrithia village square.

Although I didn't attend the Polis Bay celebration, there were quite a few who did and have reported that they had spent a very pleasant time. Ultimately the celebration was open to the public, so if this is happening again next year, will make a trip there as well. The Platrithia Panighiri seemed to be a success even in the face of the difficulty in regard to the split, so congratulations to the organizers both in Platrithia and those at Polis Bay, who offered up their own celebration for Panaghias 2012.


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