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From Ithaki to Zagorohoria September 2012

Ithaca is a beautiful island, but sometimes you just need to get off the 'rock' to see and experience somethng else. Luckily you don't even have to go that far, Greece has an entire country full of amazing surprises and some of the best ones are only a few hours from Ithaca. Zagorohoria boasts some of the finest landscape and scenery in Greece. Lush and beautiful. It also boasts Vikos Gorge, the deepest gorge in the world, deeper even than the Grand Canyon, as noted by the Guiness book of records and of course Zagori water. Greece's staple liquid.
Before we get there, it's a short 1 hour ferry ride to Lefkada island which connects to the Mainland, and then a few hours driving north past Ioannina, another wonderful city in Greece. Zagorohoria region is made up of 46 villages, all with the unique Zagorohorian style, set on lush hillsides and slopes across the region. There are rivers with Roman bridges, rapids, and many walks that you can trek through. If you're looking for somewhere a little different to the 'Greek Isle', Zagorohoria in Eipirus, will be a trip you will remember.


Whilst the region is emmaculate. Very clean. There was one big disappointment. The roadside stops on the way to Ioannina, for buses, trucks and cars, have been used as rubbish dumps. I was amazed to see rubbish strewn along every single one, even where there are bins, ruining the pristine environment.
The people of the region were very friendly and open to visitors, even though September is considered the off season. There are many accommodations at very reasonable prices to be found, especially at this time of year. When traveling to Eipirus in winter, be aware that it can get quite snowed in. When the mountains get too much for you, Ioannina has a buzzing center with an interesting history and a culture all its own. The lake at Ioannina's core, is also the center for entertainment and recreation. Don't be worried about the bats flying overhead, no one else seems to care. While in the area, you may as well take a drive to Metsovo. It's a winter ski village, but very quaint and worth a visit even in the off season.

Returning to Ithaca, we headed down to Agrinio and then onto Patras via the Antirrio bridge, stopping at Messologhi lagoons to take some pics. An eerie place, well of the tourist path. Once in Patras it was only a matter of waiting for the ferry, and at dusk, the views from the port are so nice, the wait is quite pleasurable.


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