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Ithaca Summer Specials 2013

Summer on Ithaca is filled with Festivals, concerts, parties, theatre, dance and song. We try to bring you as much as we can from around the island to share with you. It's no secret that Greece has one of the best Summers in the world, that's why Greece is still such a popular destination for holiday makers. Ithaca offers a great place to escape for all the family.

Here you will find the photographs and news of many of these occasions which take place through Summer 2013. Summer starts in May and finishes at the end of October. Now wouldn't you like a summer this long?

Greek Easter - Good Friday   The Resurrection   Easter Sunday
BBQ at Dendra Estate
Easter Dance for Odysseas Football Team
Piano and Viola Recital
Ag. Nikolaos Festa
The Miser by Moliere Performed by Vathy High School
Little Prince Performed by Lower Vathy High School
Unification Day
Nikos & Viki from Mylos Creperie Baptize Theofilos
Frikes Panighiri
Koutoupi with Spyros and Esther Paxinos and friends
Dion Raftopoulos gets baptized
Exoghi Panighiri - Ag. Marina Festival
Kioni Panighiri - Ag. Lia Festival 
Romantsa 2013 
Homeric Ithaca Exhibition in Stavros
Danai Kouvara Exhibition | Filiatro Music Festival | Around Vathy and Karamela Cafe Jazz night
Sortiros - Stavros Panighiri
Anoghi Panighiri 
Platrithia Panighiri 
Kathara Panighiri  
From Ithaki to Bulgaria