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Ag. Marina Festival

The Exoghi Panighiri, in celebration of Ag. Marina, is no doubt one of the favourite festivals during the Summer, not only is it the first big festival, it also gathers visitors and locals from the south to the north. I'm sure it was rated a big success. Lots of people, lots of good cheer, dancing and fun. The Exoghi community would surely have raised some good funds to maintain it's church (Ag. Marina), which stands at the center of this mountain village. Mnistires, the favourite panighiri band, had everyone on their feet from the moment they began to play, until the very early hours of the morning. I lasted until about 3am, but I'm sure the festival didn't finish until dawn. A great night. Lots of fun. Lots of very happy faces. You'd never know Greece is in a crisis.

I would like to thank all the people who smiled for the ithacagreece.com camera, making it possible to share the Exoghi Panighiri with all of you online. And I would also like to thank those who gave me 'the look', but controlled themselves, and didn't abuse me or stick their finger in my face. It gave me the opportunity to do what I love and not feel bad about it. The next festival is of course, Kioni on the 20th July. See you there.