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Kioni Panighiri Saturday 20th July 2013

The Kioni Panighiri was all about dancing this year. Everyone and I mean, everyone, was in the mood to step up onto the dance floor or a piece of concrete, and show their moves. The atmosphere was charged with good cheer and laughter. Locals, from the north and this year, quite a few from the south of Ithaca, put on their panighiri hats to have a good time. Visitors to Ithaca, always fit right into the dance circle, even if the steps aren't always in time, no one is left out of the loop or made to feel uncomfortable. Panighiri time is a good time for all, whether you're Greek or not. What I love most about the Panighiri (Festival), is that it's a party for all age groups. Three and sometimes 4 generations, all enjoying this annual summer affair. Not many places in the world still have this much connection through the extended family, and Ithaca, despite the difficulties it undergoes on a daily basis due to the economic crisis, still holds the really important things close to the heart. How can you not love that!

A BIG thank you to all those who made it so easy for me this year to share this special occasion with the online community. I really, really appreciate it!! Next Panighiri is on 5 and 6th of August in Stavros. The 2 day Sortiros festival.