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Good Friday    The Resurrection    Easter Sunday 1 2

The celebration of The Resurrection is marked with the lighting of candles. I managed to get to Anoghi, Platrithia and Stavros celebrations. Anoghi was absolutely full. The small church was bursting at the seams. Traditionally, the candle lighting should take place at midnight, also marking the end of the fasting period, but seeing there are only a few priests on the island, some are running from church to church to perform the liturgy, meaning some areas (such as Anoghi) light candles around 9.30pm.




The Resurrection also means fire crackers. Young lads (and not so young lads) waiting on the street or in the shadows to let them explode. Completely annoying to me I admit. In Stavros, fire crackers weren't enough, someone actually let off a stick or 2 of dynamite, blowing out one of the church windows. I know the fire crackers are a tradition... until one of our young loses an eye or finger, and with dynamite, maybe even their lives. God would not be happy!

Good Friday    The Resurrection    Easter Sunday 1 2