Ithaca Summer Specials 2015

Summer on Ithaca is filled with festivals, concerts, parties, theater, dance and song. We try to bring you as much as we can from around the island to share with you. It's no secret that Greece has one of the best Summers in the world, that's why Greece is still such a popular destination for holiday makers. Ithaca offers a great place to escape for all the family. Here you will find the photographs and news of many of these occasions which take place through Summer 2015. Summer starts in May and finishes at the end of October. Now wouldn't you like a summer this long?

Ag. Nikolas Festival

Unification Parade

Summer Breakup Party for Stavros Primary

1st Country Marathon


Exoghi Panighiri - Ag. Marina Festival

Kioni Panighiri - Ag. Lia

Music in Vathy Square

Pop Concert

Polis Beach with Taka

Winter days of Ithaca Chronicals donation to Ithaca Community

Sortiros - Stavros Panighiri   Night ONE    Night TWO

Frikes Panighiri

Slap Back In The Face - The 3rd Kioni Music Festival - Night 1  Night 2

Anoghi Panighiri

Platrithia Panaghiri - Panaghias

Kioni Children's Street Theater

Ithaki's Philharmonic Orchestra - Summer night of Music in Frikes

Odysseas Football Team Fund Raiser Party at Limnes Platrithia

Open House Entertainment. Presented by Stelios Parris

20 Years of Rockn' Roll - Jennie & George 20th Anniversary Party

Marida Festival (Sardine Festival) at Polis Bay

Be part of the Ithaki community, whether it be online or in the flesh. We know you will enjoy your Greek Island holiday on Ithaca Greece.


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