20 Years of Rock Jennie and George from Spavento Bar celebrate 20 years of marriage. Wednesday 2nd September 2015

Jennie and George, along with their Cafe & Bar, Spavento, have become icons of ithaki, so it's no wonder that when the word went out about their anniversary party, everyone put it into their diary and prepared themselves for a crazy, wild night of fun...and alot of shots, dancing and mayhem.

The Spavento corner of Kioni is a dimly lit, usually intimate spot with good music and Mick Jagger under a halo in the bar, but when there's a party, it's bursting at the seams, a squeeze no one seems to mind, people, laughter and music spilling out onto the road. There is dancing in the streets.

Locals knew it would be a late start, despite the 10.30 start time. The priority would be to last out the night, because once the visitors to island began to filter out, things would get wild as they always do. My main focus was to focus. I failed! Too busy dancing myself.

DJ Dimos didn't quite keep to the 20 Years of Rockn' Roll theme playing quite alot of dance and then some Greek, but around 3am, it was rock all the way. My Sharona, Love Shack, Various Rolling Stones tracks, as they worked their way through the past 20 years.

In hindsight, I should have really taken a movie instead of photos because getting a still moment at any time so I could focus, was impossible.

It's quite amazing to watch how Jennie and George managed to party hard despite the fact they were working at the same time. Takes talent!

By 4am the party had thinned out a little, but was far from finishing. I wouldn't be surprised if George is even now, still sleeping under the bar somewhere.

A big thanks to Jennie and George for putting on another great party. We wish them all the best and another 20 years of rock ahead of them. Happy Anniversary!!!

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