Anoghi Panighiri Friday 14th August 2015

The temperature was perfect. Just right for a long night of dancing and celebrating. I know I say this every year, but it's true. The Anoghi community go out of their way to make this a wonderful night.

The Anoghi village square is transformed from a sleepy drive-through into a festive buzz of activity and colour. By midnight, it was squeeze-through room only. Again, lots and lots of people coming out to enjoy themselves.

Despite Greece's future being less than sunny, Ithaca is refusing to give up Summer and what Summer means for it. Just shows the stamina of the people to be able to celebrate life even when life is almost uncelebratable. (if that's a word)

Anoghi is probably one of the cooler spots on the island in a heatwave, but there's no chill when it comes to the welcome the village gives to it's visitors. A really warm and friendly community!

Much of the Anoghi Panighiri happens under the old bell tower. The chapel too, with it's old frescos, was open for people to have a look through and take a quiet moment away from the party.

Besides wanting to thank the Anoghi Community for another great Panighiri, I also want to thank Ithacans for being so generous towards me photographing this year. Makes such a difference being greeted with smiles instead of fists.

Mnistires played another great set. You have to give them credit for playing for hours and hours without a break.

Panighiri game seemed to be guessing the next song Mnistires will play. The Panghiri repertoire is pretty set, so a change in the order is variety.      Real Estate