Exoghi Panighiri Friday 17th July 2015

With the mood of the country being confused and depressed, the Exoghi Festival (Panighiri) was the perfect release valve for the Ithacan community to let their hair down, forget the rest of the world and enjoy eachother's company in this celebration of Ag. Marina in the mountain village of Exoghi. This annual festival, under the bell tower of Ag. Marina church and with Ithaca's fave Panighiri band Mnistires, reminds us all of the traditions and those wonderful moments that you cannot put a monetary value on.

It's wonderful how the island comes together, despite being politically separated, to uphold the Ithaki traditions that are at the core of this society, reminding everyone what being Ithacan and Greek really mean. The weather couldn't have been more perfect either. Calm, warm night under the Ionian stars.

Considering the financial restrictions on the individuals of Greece, the turn out was very respectable. Not as many as usual, and that was to be expected, but those who did turn up, all had a great time. It was also great to see alot of visitors make their way up the mountain and joining in the celebrations.

I'd like to make mention too, there were sadly also a few faces missing, one being that of Jerome Geitenbeek, who always worked so excitedly for his Exoghi community, but who is unfortunately also one of many who had to leave Greece to find work elsewhere in order to support his family.

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