Frikes Panighiri Monday 10th August 2015

I think the Frikes community plan to make this festival an annual event to coincide with the celebration of Andreas at Marmakas. There were so many cars, we were almost parked in Lahos. So many people. Great to see everyone turning up and having a great time.

Ithaki's Panighiri band Mnistires played their usual fare and people danced like there was no tomorrow. I doubt the yachters got much sleep last night, but I'm sure no one minded. It was a splash of colour with a cooling sea breeze after about 2am and it looked like it would continue until dawn.

The souvlakia were sizzling on the grill and they kept coming with dancing all night, making for some hungry partiers.

The food bar and drinks bar would have collected some needed change for the Frikes community.      Real Estate