Slap Back In The Face
The 3rd Kioni Music Festival - Night 2 Wednesday 12th August 2015

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After this 2nd night of the festival, it was pretty clear that next year a MUCH bigger venue should be sourced. The yard of the Kioni old school was absolutely overflowing with people. Another great night for the Kioni Music Festival.

Acts on this night were Foivos Deliforias, Panos Birbas, Maria Kilaidoni and the Goodfellas and headlining was Groovesquad. Was so impressed with Panos Birbas' contribution that I googled him afterwards.

This night was a little more 'mainstream' and easy to understand for the audience. Some 70's influenced jazz to start and then the Pano B. Maria K and Goodfellas combo, joined together for an almost sing-a-long experience with Johnny Cash numbers and ending with You are my Sunshine.

The peak for me was Panos Birbas original material. I had not remembered that he played with Lolek in the very first Kioni Music Festival. He has one of those voices that just get you right in the gut. Unfortunately only 2 of his originals were played with the combo, but his songs were MY highlight for sure.

A little bit country. A little bit rockn' roll

Panos Birbas Maria K and the Goodfellas

The crowd favourite and headlining act was Groovesquad. Everyone seemed to know the lyrics and sang along.

Can't really describe the genre, a little cheesy for my taste, but obviously popular. Excellent drummer and keyboardist.      Real Estate