Slap Back In The Face
The 3rd Kioni Music Festival - Night 1 Tuesday 11th August 2015

Night 1   Night 2

Each year the Kioni Music Festival 'Slap Back in the Face' gains momentum and an increase in audience. This year, the 3rd, was pumping. Music was pulsing through the olive groves and reverberating through valley and hill with the 3 acts for Night 1. First up was Sotiris Sebonos, an avant garde 3 piece, then Lolek, the crowd favourite with his dark alternative rock and then Illegal Operation, a blues based combo with one foot in the swamp.

Many Ithacans helped by sponsoring the festival, as would I have had I known I could, seeing music is my core pre-occupation, but the main inspiration behind this music festival is George Karantzis (Spavento Cafe Bar) and Thomas Vlismas, who got it off the ground and have managed to build it into a wonderful event, not only for Kioni, but the island of Ithaca.

The venue is the yard of the old school of Kioni. It makes for an intimate environment for music. Bar on end and stage on the other with seating and standing room.

Above - George Karantzis ready for the first night of Slap Back in the face, seen speaking to musician Headcharge777 (Demetri Vlass).

Each year I've been asked to perform at this concert, but have never managed to be free enough during August to manage it, but every year I regret it. It's such a great night and cool atmosphere.

Above - Lolek I guess, is like a Greek Nick Cave. Deep brooding vocals with menacing undertones. Music ranges from atmospheric with Greek nuances to great crescendos of noise guitar.      Real Estate