Marida Festival Thursday 1st October 2015

What a great weather day for this year's Marida (Sardine) festival at Polis Beach. Just perfect! The weather forecast has been predicting rain on and off and as usual, everyone wondered if the day would be cancelled because of it, but the weather god couldn't have been any more accommodating if we'd been able to manufacture weather ourselves. The sun shone and the skies were blue and clear with a sea breeze to cool our brows when needed. What more could you ask for. Good food, good wine and Ithacans and visitors all ready for a great family day by the sea.

The Stavros community puts on a special feast each year and with each year, more and more people come to Polis to enjoy it. It's a mammoth effort to feed everyone, but each year it's done with little fuss and great enthusiasm. There were locals from all over the island, Kioni to Vathy, including our Mayor and council members who were given the day off to celebrate the first day of Marida. There were the casual onlookers, some from the yachts in the bay, and visitors to the island who too, are making the Marida Festival a day to enjoy and meet others.

If ever there was a day you didn't need to wonder whether paradise exists, this was it.

Ithaca turned out its proud face and we all knew we were in paradise for the day.

The Marida marks the beginning of the fishing season, but it also marks the end of the high summer season with many people slowly beginning to leave the island for their second home elsewhere.

Usually, ithacagreece starts its winter pages with this event, but the sunshine is far from winter, so we're keeping the summer mood going for a little while yet.      Real Estate