Polis Beach with Taka, beach manager Monday 23rd August 2015

Once upon a time, Polis Beach was synonomous with a man called Lucky, but those days are well and truly over since Taka (Taki) has taken over the sun lounges and umbrellas at Polis Beach. Taka has become beach manager and staying strong to his motto 'here to service you', keeps all the beach goers very happy. Summer means fun and there's alot of it down at Polis Beach this year.

The beach was absolutely jammed pack with people from end to end, the cantina was also buzzing, and the water was alive with activity and the sounds of a hot summers' day. Taki has stolen the hearts of all the girls, young and old, and become a beacon of light for all the regular men at the beach too. You either want to marry him, mother him or call him son. Everyone loves Taka!

With heatwave temperatures continuing this month, the best and only place to be is on the beach or under a shady tree at the beach.

You can't help but feel special when the first words to greet you at the beach are "I've been waiting for you all my life" and then "I will spend my life to find you the best place to sit".

What more do you need at the beach than clear water, a shady tree or umbrella, a cantina with the best calamari and greek salad, and a secret fridge with stuffed secret stuff in it for special people.

If you want to get out a little further than your paddling feet will take you, you can also do a little canoeing. The water's always perfect.

A day at Polis beach is like a party, and everyone seems to be in the party mood whenever they go down there. Polis beach is just below Stavros center.

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