Opening of Lefki Community Center Sunday 15th May 2016

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Spyros and Esther Paxinos and family from Lefki, in honour of Esther's deceased mother and for the benefit of, not only the Lefki locals, but the entire ithaki community, have brought the old Lefki primary school back from ruin to make it into a center for the community, a place to enjoy dances and events that could up until now, not take place in this close knit village situated in the middle of Ithaca.

A fine day brought locals from north and south of the island to commemorate this occasion with their presence. The turnout was truly amazing. The ceremony started off with the blessing from the priest who, with an olive branch and holy water, blessed the premises, the people who attended and my camera too.

There were plaques revealed, ribbons cut and speeches made by all concerned.

All in the pristine environment of Lefki with the strait and Kefalonia opposite.

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