Poli Beach Tuesday 19th July 2016

After a windy couple of days, the weather was perfect again for a day at the beach on a sunbed and under a beach umbrella. Taki has it all in hand and his reputation for being THE best beach manager precedes him.

Watching him work the crowd was more like watching a performance you'd see on stage than that of a beach manager. Totally entertaining. Taki loves his job and the people he gets to meet and interract with and service.

For an hour or so the beach is taken over with day trippers, eagerly seeking some Ionian water therapy, or finding themselves a nice spot under a shady tree. Taki services the Day Tripper with a good rate and happy campers sit themselves under an umbrella and on a Poli Beach sunbed

To demonstrate just how popular Taki is as a beach manager, I can tell you that there have been T-shirts made in his honour over the past couple of years, since he took over the business from Laki. It feels like Laki has become but a whisper now that Taki's name echoes around Poli Beach. He's particularly loved by the girls and women, but the men too, find him charming and funny.

Bouncing pebbles off the water, not the best practice when there are people swimming.

Poli Beach isn't just about umbrellas and sunbeds however, it's a small fishing port, there is also the great Cantina which makes some delicious snacks and refreshments and another beach behind the jetty where the locals tend to hang out.

If you've been to Poli before you'll know there is also a shower and a toilet, the difference is that Taki has cleaned up the toilet, making it a big bonus for Poli Beach. As he places his customers, he makes sure to state the toilet is very, very clean.

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