School Ends for Summer Tuesday 14th June 2016

The long summer break officially started yesterday, but as it rained, the end of the semester performance was put off until today. There was no rain, the sun was shining, but the teachers deemed that inside the school was a better bet, so that's where we all headed.

The kids had a good time and so did the parents of course. Everyone with their camera catching some special moments. The theme this year was about keeping the island clean and not dumping rubbish everywhere. It's a good idea to start the kids off with a good social conscience.

The performances ended with the older kids, some of whom are heading off to high school after the summer is over, playing guitar and singing some of the pop songs they enjoy. One of which was Adelle's song 'Hello'

There were some happy kids after the morning was over. All ready for summer, sunshine and sea. With a heatwave expected over the next few days, what better place to be than out of school and at the beach.      Real Estate