Slap Back In The Face (The Kioni Music Festival - Night 2) Tuesday 9th August 2016

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Personally, the 2nd night of Slap Back In The Face (The Kioni Music Festival) was my favourite night. Some garage, rocky goodness that had many dancing, whether they were in the dance area or not. What a great night! The bands really worked the audience,th and maybe because I was already primed and ready to rock it, that it was extra sweet that I had the company of everyone that was there, wanting to rock out too. This time, the organizers left more standing room than sitting room, although that could have been because it was a little windy at first and the plastic chairs could have blown around in the wind..

When I first arrived, it was about 9.30, but the stage was empty and there were few people around. I'm sure the organizers were a bit worried at that point. I looked around for the first band, The Mongrelettes, a 60's inspired garage, surf band mostly consisting of all girls. What I saw around the stage area was a group of young women, who looked nothing like their namesakes, even had a couple of small children in prams around them, but when they finally got up on stage, their catchy surf sounds quickly had people dancing around the stage and gathering more and more people in the momentum they achieved.

Next up were Magic De Spell. Kind of a cross between metal and rap with an occasional funk beat thrown in. Heavily 90's influenced sounds and goolish type movements from the vocalist made me think of horror movies, although I should have been thinking cooler things than that as their lyrics were very poignant, environmentally and politically inspired.

I didn't mind them and the locals in the audience loved them. They knew all the songs and all the 'air guitar' moves. Magic De Spell got everyone going on the dance floor and although the voices were good, drumming was good, keys were good, for me, the guitarist shone. Excellent chops, but more than that, excellent sounds coming from his gear.

I had no idea what to expect from The Last Drive. I knew it was rock and only minutes before they were heading on stage, someone told me they were garage rock. Well, I like garage, so I looked forward to hearing them. When they walked on stage with their accoustic guitars, I wondered how garage they could be.

The Last Drive first formed in the early 80's (then only known as Last Drive) and then disbanded in 1995, reuniting again in 2007 for some concerts and are still playing now. They've had various member changes, mainly guitarists over the years, but the chore has been constant. They rocked out despite the accoustics.

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