Anoghi Panighiri Monday 14th August 2017

When we were first driving up to Anoghi and saw alot of cars coming down the hill instead of up, I thought it must be cold up there and people were leaving, but arriving at the edge of the village and getting stuck in a 30 minute block up soon changed my mind. There were many more cars than usual and of course AS usual, some park in places that would be questionable at the best of times, let alone at the time of a panighiri when EVERYONE knows there will be extra traffic and maybe it would be a thoughtful and respectful thing to do to NOT park your BIG CAR on the narrowest part of the road where there is also a car already parked opposite. Just saying ;)

ithaca festival

With a cooler wind blowing it wasn't too far fetched that it may be quite a bit cooler in Anoghi than in the low lands, the village on Mount Niritos is quite easily covered in cloud, but no, the temperature was perfect and the spirit of the Panighiri was at a record high. So many people having a great time is infectious so there was a snowball effect throughout the crowd. The village always puts on a great party and this year was no exception. Not even thoughtless car owners could dampen the mood. The dance circle was absolutely packed from beginning to end as was the bar and kiosk for souvlaki and every other corner of this traditional village turned party zone.

ithaki festival
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