Kioni Panighiri Thursday 20th July 2017

A lovely mild night for this year's Kioni Panighiri. A surprise lesser turnout for this year, but it still had alot of Kefi (good cheer) and was very comfortable not being squeezed and pushed around for a change.

Lots of yachts, but it appeared most stayed on board and didn't join in the fun as they would in other years. Of course there were some, but not in the usual numbers. The band, Mnistires played their hearts out as usual.

People were spread between the restaurants and the Panighiri Bar in the center of the square.

Thre were very few times the dance floor was empty. Usually only inbetween the songs.

I personally quite liked that the Kioni Panighiri wasn't heaving. It made it much more comfortable, but in terms of raising money for the village and the church, the numbers being down, would have had an unwanted impact for sure.

Also, I did notice that this year, there were lots of young people, teenagers, dominating the dance floor. The next generation of Panighiri goers revving up to take charge and inspire good fun and good cheer in all of us.      Real Estate