Slap Back In The Face (The Kioni Music Festival - Night 1) Tuesday 8th August 2017

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I wanted to hear more from Dustbowl, but with time restraints, it went straight onto to Pavlos Pavlidis who had people rushing the stage and dancing before the music even started.

Pavlos Pavlidis, although I hadn't heard of him, was obviously a crowd fave with his guitar/electro Greek pop tunes. Cooing and jumping around with the audience to their popular songs.

People came and went as they do for festivals, but overall the attendance was huge this year. Thomas Vlismas with the aid of dedicated participants, does a fantastic job of bringing something special to the island.

Each year I want to play on that stage too, for those who know me, know that before anything else, I was a musician, and although it would be fantastic to play live again, who would take the photos?

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