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About Maria's Gardening Center

Maria's Garden Center has been operating in Vathy Ithaca Greece since 1996. We are the main suppliers of gardening equipment, plants, trees and soils, as well as pet supplies and food for all your pets. We are located on the road to the hospital and police station that leads to Marathia. At Maria's Garden Center, we are happy to help you with all your gardening needs. If we don't have we will order it.

Gardening Supplies, Pet Food
and Accessories, Awnings and Trees
right here on Ithaca

We have many years of agricultural and horticultural experience

At Maria's Gardening Center in Vathy Ithaca Greece, we pride ourselves in the wide range of pot plants, trees, flowers and soils. We also stock a large variety of seeds. Choose from a large selection of pots and urns, plastic, ceramic and clay. Also awnings for your pergolas and other outdoor entertaining areas.

Maria Til Griva is an experienced Agriculturalist with many years experience in gardening of all types. For advice on your gardening needs or the accessories that would best help you plan, create and then maintain your garden, please don't hesitate to ask. They have sound advice for all your gardening queries.

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Maria's Garden Center


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