May 2014 - Thursday 29th - It started off quite mild this morning, but mid afternoon the wind turned quite chilly and a few drops of rain or a little more, were imminent.

Local boats from Bavaria? Quite a few yachts in Vathy this morning. The sky turning darker and darker as the day progressed, many would probably stay put until the weather evened out again.

It's really been a strange weather month this May. Usually by this time of year, we pretty much know how the weather will go...Lots of blue skies, some afternoon wind and a definite feeling of summer coming, but this year we've had more rain, cooler days and darker skies.

Left and Above Left - 2 more photographs taken by Alex Margioni.

Saturday 31st - Quite a coolish day to finish off a rather strange weatherly May.

I would like to thank Alexander Margioni for supplying a few pics while my camera decided to take an unplanned holiday. Anyway, it's all fixed again now. Digital hiccups. Never know when they'll hit.


























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