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Summer Season 2015!

It's the Summer Peak and Festival and Party Season. Good times on Ithaca Greece.

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August 2015

Saturday 8th - Above - This lovely family has an 8-9 year history of coming to Ithaca, and it was a pleasure to meet them. They were already holidaying here before their children were born and continue to come, giving their children this wonderful environment for their summers.

Forkys Theater presents the Woman of Zakynthos at the church in Raxi tonight. Free entry and show starts at 8.30pm

Tomorrow night, 9th, The Philarmonic Orchestra is performing music for summer nights in Vathy at the Nipiagogeio. Entrance is also free.

Lots of excitement too about the Patras ferry giving 2 routes daily, but if you're on Ithaca, note the 2 routes only count for Kefalonia. The midday ferry from Patras will only go as far as Sami, not Ithaca, only the 8pm ferry from Patras will come to the island.

Also on the 9th at Kalitexno in Stavros, Sofia Papadopoulou will be showing her book on Images of Ithaki at 12 midday.

Sunday 9th - Maybe it's due to the peak season or maybe due to our recent re-connection to Patras, but the restaurants were all full last night and there were so many cars in Frikes, there was nowhere to park, and barely a spot to sit. Never seen so many cars in this little village, sleepy mostly, up until recently.

Krouvoulia No. 2 was a bit dirty today. Looks like a yacht dumped it's load. Probably a yacht that had anchored too close to the beach overnight. It happens alot at this time of the year. A shame really, because Frikes has no mooring charges, yet still the yachts want their own private beach and moor too close.

Tuesday 11th - Last night Frikes put on a huge party for what will become an annual panighiri. Click Here or on photo below for more pics.

festival in summer

Wednesday 12th - Looks like we are finally going to get a break in the heatwave conditions over the past couple of months with some greying skies today and a fresher breeze.

Below - A photographic exhibition at the Kioni old school with photographs and books for sale by Daphne Kotsiani. Beautiful 'painting like' photography from Iceland.

Below - Last night was the start of the 3rd Kioni Music Festival 'Slap Back In The Face', gaining strength and enthusiasm each year. CLICK HERE or on photograph below for much more.

music festival

A little Lolek 'live'

Thursday 13th - Another excellent night for Night 2 at the Kioni Music Festival. My personal standout was Panos Birbas. For more pics CLICK HERE or on photo below.

panos birbas


August 2015

Sunshine and blue skies for another summer on Ithaca.

Saturday 8th

Above - Poppy and her favourite visitors.

Although it clearly states 'No Camping' (in pictures too for those who can't read) in the Frikes parking area, some people in very large campers, disregard it and do it anyway. Such blatant disrespect. It seems to be a pattern on Ithaca (and I wonder if not all of Greece) that due to Greece's presumed situation in the EU, some people are just doing what they want here as if they are superior and have no reason to follow any of our rules, laws or usual respectful etiquette. Have heard some rather disturbing stories so far this year with people buying take-aways and then sitting at Cafe's to eat them, when approached by owners, the response is rudeness and again, disregard. People refusing to pay their rentals with lame excuses, mislaid bags being declared as stolen. Everyone so willing to think the worst. Well let me just remind everyone that Ithaca is one of the safest places to holiday. You don't need to worry about violence, theft or rape. Your children can freely enjoy their environment without predators and Ithacans, despite their economic disadvantages in today's climate, are still so welcoming and enabling for people holidaying here, to have a great time. If you wouldn't do it in your own country, please don't think you can do it here. Ithaca is not a 'Anything Goes' island. I would dare anyone to take a picnic lunch to a restaurant in London, Melbourne, New York, and then tell off the waiting staff for presuming you want to order something from their menu, when all you want to do is sit and have your picnic. Luckily this isn't the majority of people, but sadly, it is a pattern which has emerged over this season.


Sunday 9th - As we bake under the sun on Ithaki, there are storms raging on either side of us. Not a cloud in the sky here however, although with so much lightning around, it's bound to head a little in our direction too later today.




After so many weeks of heatwave conditions, it would be nice to have a little thundery change or at least a change in the wind direction.

Tuesday 11th - I've had a rap on the knuckles for not getting to an exhibition these past couple of weeks so keep your eyes on the posters around town so you don't miss what's going on. If I'm not asked to come, I don't usually just turn up and to tell you the truth, in August I pretty much struggle to just get in the basics. Anyway, Klara Koitler has a painting exhibition in Vathy at the Gallery contunuing until Friday, so head along to have a look. She's a very talented artist. You won't be disappointed.

Wednesday 12th - It's been so hot lately, everything seems to be melting, jumping into the nearest water and walking around half naked, so it's nice to feel a cooler breeze today and hopefully a few less speedos?


Above and Below - Daphne Kotsiani's photographic exhibition at the old school in Kioni.


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