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November on Ithaca

Coming into Winter on Ithaki

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November 2016

Wednesday 16th - Fires to burn off the olive branches and home fires to keep warm can make for a choking atmosphere on a windless day.

Above - Polis Bay, looking very inviting, despite the chill in the air.

Thursday 17th - Mostly sunny yesterday, hopefully with more sunshine to come.

Saturday 26th - This month has rushed by. Apologies for the silence over the past week, but I went on a little trip. Ithaca is an amazing place to be, but it's nice to get off for a few days every now and again.

Sunday 27th - The sky closes in on us with another rainy day over the Ionian.

November 2016

Winter on Ithaca Greece Island

Wednesday 16th



Still no sign of Ithaca to Patra ferry route resuming any time soon, although the Council and residents are trying to put a little pressure on the powers that be to give us a secure line to the Mainland. Ferries are not a luxury for islanders, they are necessity.

Thursday 17th - Changeable skies can mean rain at anytime through this time of the year.


It's raining over the next few days, but the temperatures are still quite mild to the rest of Europe.

Sunday 27th - Residents are still struggling to get the Ithaki - Patras route reinstated. The difficulties of a small island are plenty as it is without having our means to the mainland cut off. Many people here who need the connection for medical reasons, this should be important enough, but also families disconnected. The formal reason to stop the route for next 2 or so months is said to be that the ferry is going in for servicing, but we all know the real reason is that it's not financially viable. Ferry companies once were subsidised by governments for this specific purpose because a company is there to make money, not usually for the benefit of people, but of course that's no longer an option. The fight goes on.

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