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August on Ithaca

Summer holidays on Ithaca Greece

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August 2017

Thursday 24th - A nice temperature of 26C yesterday, also a little overcast here and there, but nothing seriously wrong with the day.

Above - Kioni is full of life from the morning to around midday before there's a lull as people either siesta or go swimming, and then back into the village for some dinner and nightlife.


August 2017

Summer holidays on Ithaca Greece

Thursday 24th




Above - It's been brought to my attention by a few residents of the island that this white frothy stuff coming from boats are the chemicals released into the water from the septic waste of the boats. Now I'd heard it was bio friendly, but I am told it is definitely chemical. If that is the case, then I hope someone is doing something to protect the future of Ithaki's water and also the health of its' children and adults for that matter, who swim in the water.

If it is chemical, to at least not release it in the areas near the shore where there are always people in the water. I hope those with 'say' have this in hand. It's quite a serious topic I believe, especially considering that on Ithaca there are no docking fees, and with more and more groups and indie yachters choosing Ithaca specifically for that reason, knowing that Croatia for instance, has raised its fees, that maybe there should be some compensation.

My personal gripe is this: Do we really have to allow yachts so near the shores and the beaches? Yes, I know we need the yachts. They make up an important income for Ithaca during the summer, but we can't be so scared of losing them as to allow them carte blanche. They have to adhere to rules everywhere else. Ithaca is beautiful. I doubt they'll stop coming just because they can't dock directly on the head of a child swimming only a few feet from the shore. I hope common sense and civic duty will see some force reign them in, in the near future.


Holiday time bring out the weird and sometimes not so wonderful. I would challenge anyone in their own home town to go buy something from cafe X and then sit at cafe Z to eat it. When asked if they would like something from Cafe Z, they look disturbingly at the waitress as if she's just puked on their lunch, expecting to be able to continue sitting and taking up room. When asked to occupy the seats at Cafe X, they move further along and sit on the bayside of cafe Z. When asked again if they'd like to order something, they rudely say "No, we're waiting for the ferry" It's like some people think the entire island is just one big food hall.

I remember a few years ago a woman  summoning me away from my lunch, screaming at me, a stranger to her, as if I was some porter or a prop in her holiday, because there wasn't a large enough hotel in the village. Ah Summer :)

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