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Diving and Kayaking in Greece - Ithaki Island

Inspired by Ulysses, the mythical king of Ithaca and his famous travel adventures, we are pleased to offer a unique sea experience.


Odyssey Diving and Sea Kayak Club


Scuba Diving:


Odyssey Diving Club is the first diving center on Ithaca, established in 2013. It is located in Vathy harbor, less than 1km away from the main square. Ithaca’s main harbor (Vathy) is a strategic base for a diving center. We are diving not only on the East coast of Ithaca but in many islands of the “Polynesia” of the Ionian Sea like Arkoudi and Atokos.


Beginner Divers (non-certified):

PADI DSD(Discover Scuba Diving) program: Beginner scuba divers can join the PADI DSD(Discover Scuba Diving) program. It is a 4hour program which includes the scuba diving theory, the boat transfer from our base to the dive spot and back to our base, the basic diving skills at shallow water and finally one dive in the sea (maximum depth: 12meters) for about 30minutes.


Bubblemaker kids program:

Kids aged between 8 and 10 can do the bubblemaker program which is similar to the DSD program. It is like snorkeling with scuba diving equipment so the kids will get familiar with scuba diving at a safe environment and they will be ready to do a proper dive when they will be aged 10 or more.


PADI Open Water Diver and PADI Scuba Diver courses:

The Open Water Diver course is the first diving certificate. At this level a diver can hire equipment from any dive center and he can go diving without a professional guide, but always together with a certified diver. During the PADI Open Water diver course the diver has to complete the diving theory, to write the exams and to complete 5 confined water sessions at shallow water and 4 open water dives at 18meters maximum depth. The scuba diver course is the half open water. A diver who completes this course is certified and he can continue towards the open water at any PADI dive center. A kid aged 10-14 can undertake the PADI Junior Open Water Diver Course.


Experienced Divers (certified):

A certified diver can do simple fun dives with us and to explore our best dive spots according to his scuba diving level. We offer more than 20 different dives around Ithaca. A diver can choose the type of the dive he enjoys more: Underwater wall dives, reef dives, wreck dives, cavern dives and historical dives.


Snorkeling - Boat Trips:


Snorkeling is a great opportunity to visit many small isolated bays and beaches, old wrecks, some beautiful reefs and to explore the underwater world with mask and fins. There is no age limit for snorkeling so the whole family can take part in the same activity. Choose between our 2,5h trip around Vathy harbor area and our 5h trip at the most beautiful and unique beaches of Ithaca and swim in our crystal clear water with many different marine species.


Custom boat trips:

There is also the option to use our RIB power boat as an excursion boat just for sightseeing or to visit the best beaches.


Sea Kayaking:

Odyssey Sea Kayak Club was established in 2013 and it is located on Ithaca, one of the seven main islands of the Ionian Sea. Ithaca is an island with vertical rocky coast and beautiful little bays with pebble beaches ideal for sea kayaking.
From April to October you can visit our office in Vathy. Begin your guided trip from our base right next to the sea or from many other departure points around Ithaca’s coastline.

You can choose between the following sea kayaking options:
•    Half-day and Day trips according to your paddling experience and the time you want to spend with us. Try our all time classic 5h trip from Vathy harbor to Sarakiniko beach: Seven nautical miles with more than 20 beaches and some unique rock formations. During this trip we pass from Gidaki and Filiatro beach, famous for their light green and light blue waters.
•    Multiday trips: Under arrangement we organize from 2day to multi day expedition style trips. The camping equipment (tent, sleeping bag and substrate) is included in the service.
•    Sea kayak rentals: Kayak rentals are available only for experienced kayakers who can perform self rescues or for kayakers who will paddle with their own certified sea kayak guide. Kayakers can start from our base in Vathy harbor or upon arrangement we can transfer the kayaks to any place of Ithaca with road access and we can pick them up from their final stop.

We provide our customers with the necessary equipment including Prijon and Perception sea kayaks (doubles or singles), PFDs, paddles, dry bags and spray decks. Our ISKGA (internation Sea Kayak Guide Association) and BCU (British Canoe Union) certified local guides will always have the rescue equipment and the first aid kit during the trip. Our guides are first aid (EFR) trained. We also have a rescue boat always ready to be next to the kayaks within 20 minutes.

Our sea kayaks are suitable for children. In case the child is not tall enough to paddle he/she can experience sea kayaking in a double kayak with our experienced guides or one of his/her parents controlling the kayak.

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