Greece Island of Ithaca - Meet the people of Ithaki 2006
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Alexandros Grivas
It's an honour to include local Alexandros on the site. Mr. Grivas, or Patikolos as he is known on Ithaki, is a stunning 91 years of age, has seen and lived through 4 wars, seen out most of the 20th century with its' inventions and deteriorations, has walked most of the mountains of Ithaca in his lifetime as a shepherd and then had another lifetime (20 years) as a Butcher. Alexandros was born in Vathy and has lived on Ithaca his entire life, he is father to two daughters, Christina and Nikoula, has 5 grandchildren and 9 great grandchildren, and continues to gain stamina rather than lose it.. It was only 3 years ago that he stopped riding his motorbike. His recipe for long life is simple. A dominantly fresh meat diet, a glass of wine each day, sheeps milk, which he bottles and freezes during the non milk season, and much walking. Both he and his sister Yiannoula, who lives in the US, share this incredible longevity. she is 96. Alexandros was born in 1915, a year most only learn about in school, a period film or documentary, but Ithaca is lucky enough to have the direct source of information in this valued member of the island community. Alexandros, approaching a century on Ithaca.