Ithaca Greece 2003


Aphrodite leaves Christina Onassis for dust.  No kidding! This girl is a battery-powered dynamo with the charm and smile of a complete angel.She's only 22 and already running areas of her fathers (Thanasis Soboulas) business,  and no wonder, Aphrodite has been in training since pre-school age. She's a dedicated and committed, hard working girl. By Summer 2003 she will have finished her Degree in Business Administration with a special interest in Corporate mergers.  (Look out Farouk, is there a 'take over' in the wings?)  Just kidding. Aphrodite is the most genuine and sweetest girl on Ithaca.  She lights up a room when she walks into it.

On Sunday 19th June 2005, Aphrodite married Marinos Blikas at Sotiros Church in Stavros. Click here for pics

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