Ithaca Greece

Denis Sikiotis

Denis Sikiotis.  They call him the Proffessor. This Stavros local spent a great part of his life in Australia during the mid 20th Century, involving himself in politics and community issues affected by Capitalism.  He was and still is, a radical thinker, always challenging the local government with ideas to improve Ithaca and the quality of life and work here. It doesn't always sit him on the comfortable side of people, but despite that, he never gives up his beliefs.

His family all live in Australia and although he misses them and his grandchildren, Denis can't see himself settling down anywhere but Ithaca, his home.

People like Denis are integral to the survival and prospering of Ithacas community even though some hate to admit it.  He keeps everyone on their toes and held responsible for actions not beneficial to the community.