Ithaca Greece. The Faces and Stories of Local Ithacans on the Greek island of Ithaki.      
  D i m i t r a
Dimitra was born in the Argalio region of Kioni where she was 1 of 5 children. She has seen, and been affected by War, earthquakes, Dictatorship. Over her 65 years, she has watched and lived to see the small village of Kioni lose it's corner stores and shoe makers, bakeries and haberdasheries to be replaced by a new corner store, and restaurants as Kioni transformed itself into one of Ithakis favourite holiday spots. Dimitra has a zest for life and a youthful effervescence. When she married her husband Stavros, she moved to the other side of Kioni, just a little under the hilltop village of Raxi where she has brought up her family and lived all her adult life.