Ithaca Greece

Ester and Rien

Ester and Rien became permanent Lefki locals in March 2005. They sold up in the Netherlands after living there and here for a few years to make Ithaca their home. Rien quit his television editing job with all the prestige, excitement and long days and nights in a dark room cutting news, documentaries and concerts to run Lefki Cam and to be Ithakis local Tattoo Artist. Many Ithacan men and especially women are now etched with a little bit of Rien under their skin. Guess that's one way to leave your mark. Ester van Zuylen is a painter and sculptor, but also works for a Dutch Holiday Company for which she takes clientele on walks around the island. Ester, who has lived in so many countries around the world, fell in love with Ithaca after a friend introduced her to the small island a few years ago. That friend has now left, but Ester and Rien want to be here for the long haul. They both love the island and the lifestyle on Ithaca. Little known secret about Ester is that she bakes a great apple pie. In 2007 Ester and Rien moved to Stavros.