Ithaki, ithaca, ithaka, greece - Meet the people of Ithaki 2006
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George of Ourania Apartments and uncle to Nektarios from Rementzo, had spent many years in South Africa before moving back to Ithaki. It was in South Africa he raised his daughter Popi and son Aki and secured his retirement. He and his wife Ourania, run Ourania Apartments in Stavros, over which they live. They have undoubtedly one of the best views across northern Ithaki from their spacious balconies. Daughter Popi lives in Athens and works as an English Tutor, and has also most recently, made George and Ourania grandparents for the fourth time. Vicky, middle child, lives in athens with her husband and 3 sons, and son Aki, travels the world with a camera lens.