Greece Island of Ithaca - Meet the people of Ithaki 2006
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Judi Judi Judi

When Judi moved to Ithaki from the UK, it was like a firecracker had been set off in Perahori, where she has a house. She is a vibrant and sizzling addition to the southern community of Ithaki. Good humoured and enthusiastic. Judi and her husband Nick Levi built themselves a house in paradise with a view to envy, and have not looked back since. Judi left her life as a career woman behind and is settling in for an easier life in the Ionian. She and her husband still travel back and forth between the UK and Ithaki to settle things left behind, but Ithaki is the place that holds their hearts and their attention for the future. Judi moved to a cottage she renovated in Vathy in 2007.