Ithaca Greece

Phillipas, Kathy

and Aggelis

These are the sunglasses people.  They live in Platrithia.  They eat souvlaki in Frikes during summer and then they disappear. A painter, a holiday rep and a barman.

This is there story

Phillipas was born in Platrithia and still lives in his family home.  He met Kathy while she was on holiday from Australia to visit her Ithacan roots, they fell in love, got married, had Aggeli and the rest is history.    These Platrithia locals have lived in Platrithia almost the entire time apart from a short trial in Melbourne which confirmed for Kathy and Phillipas that Ithaca was the place they wanted to live their lives and bring up their son, now 19 years old.

Kathy admits that it's been very difficult at times, but has managed quite well without her Toorak Boutiques.  Her biggest challenge has been to live so far away from her family.