Ithaca Greece

Kiki and family

Oz, Anna Maria and Jimmy

here once was a sailor who skippered a boat to Ithaca and fell in love with a local girl.

Kiki's family roots are on Ithaca, but she was born and went to school in Athens.  When she was 20 she packed her bags and opened a Travel Agency in Frikes (now, the newest Supermarket on the block) and hasn't  looked back.  She is mother and business woman and has even been down and dirty fixing hire bikes.

Oz saied into Kikis'  life around 1997 and fell in love with her at first sight.  He's been a sailor for the greater part of his life and still is in a more relaxed fashion, but more recently a father too.  He even changes nappies.

Jimmy plays bass and skateboards the rugged roads of northern Ithaca and Anna Maria is the darling of everyone. 

These Ag. Sarantas locals make up the good mix of  Ithacan people and also keep the tourists happy.

All aboard!