Greece Island of Ithaca - Meet the people of Ithaki 2006
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Lilia is a recent addition to the local community of Perahori, where she and her partner Mark, are trying to build a life for themselves. Lilia is originally from the Netherlands, but has lived many years in Australia also. When speaking to her, it's not her Dutch that is apparent, but her Australian accent. Lilia came to Ithaca in 2005, working for a Dutch Travel Company, and decided that Ithaca was the place for her. She is no stranger to Greece. Her previous relationship with this country was in the Manni, a beautiful and arid region of the Peloponnese, where she had bought a house. It's amazing just what you'll find in them there hills of Ithaca nowadays. Ithakis' community is growing into a potpourri of interesting and varied people from varied cultures and communities who all share one thing. Their love of the island.