Ithaca Greece

Makis and Maria


Makis was born and raised on Ithaca and Maria in Mesologhi.  She has been living on the island now for 10 years.  Makis and Maria  are Stavros locals.  They have two children, Yiannis and Katerina, and work hard all day and night at their Café/Bar 'Margarita' in Stavros.

Makis loves to fish.  It's his most favourite past time, but Maria would like to travel the world to see beautiful places.  Neither have any time for that though, their business keeps them tied to the village and very busy.  When they do take a holiday, it's never together, and that's something they have become accustomed to over the years. For now they are happy living and working on this beautiful island and the hopes and dreams of visiting exotic destinations together are left for another day.

Margarita Café/Bar

Anamartitos Apartments