Ithaca Greece 2003

Nektarios Vasilopoulos

Nektarios, known as 'the N man' or Nek to those who can't pronounce his name,or Nick to those who can't get Nek, was born and bred in South Africa, where he lived with his Greek parents and brother Niko until they all returned to Ithaca in the early 90's to live in Stavros.

In London, Nektarios managed restaurants for a living, here, he bought one (Rementzo in Frikes) with his girl friend Poppy.  He's the life of the party, but his friends don't usually encourage it because once he starts talking no one else gets a word in.

Nektarios is a big kid with a big heart, but only has a small canoe.

2005 Update - Nektarios married his partnerPoppy in 2004 and they now have a baby girl, Ariadne. At Rementzo, they have bought out Partner Makis, and run the restaurant by themselves as of April 2005.