Ithaca Greece 2003

Nikos Douglas


Elvis is not dead!  He moved to Ithaca and opened a bike hire shop in Frikes.

(Not anymore, he doesn't)

Nikos is a loveable rogue, a born and bred Ithacan with a Scottish surname.   During the 70's to early 90's girls went wild for him and he went wild for them.  He was king of the island from Vathy to Kioni.  The winning 'Kamaki' (spear) Now days, he likes to hunt and fish and spend time with his wife Xanthi and young son.  Gone are the days of wine, women and song, and also gone is the Frikes Bike Rental business which closed its' doors in the Summer of 2005. In its' place stands The Gods gift shop, which Niko runs with Xanthi. Nikos (Elvis) Douglas spent a few years in America, a dream he had had since he was very young, but found there is no place more special to him than his home, Ithaca, so he came back to settle in, and boy did he settle in. In September 2005, Niko and Xanthi became proud first time parents of a son. No, Elvis is not dead, he's just tired of all the attention.