Ithaca Greece

Nikos Panathinaikos

Nikos is a Frikes local who was born and bred on the island.  He's one of the eccentric characters who colour the villages and shape their psyches.  He's a legend in his own life time with the Northern Ithacans who he amuses with his fanaticism about football. Nikos loves football, not just any football though, he's obsessed  with his team Panathinaikos.  He loves Panathinaikos football.

He sleeps Panathinaikos, he talks Panathinaikos, he walks Panathinaikos, he eats Panathinaikos, he reads  Panathinaikos, he sits on the toilet with Panathinaikos and after a win by Panathinaikos, curls himself up in the afterglow of Panathinaikos.  Nikos when he dies, wants to be reincarnated as a Panathinaikos football star.