Ithaca Greece

Nikos and Dimitra



Nikos and Dimitra are newly wed and proud new parents of a baby boy too.  These Lahos locals set the pace for the fast life on Ithaca, if there is such a thing.  Nikos is said to be the Maradona of Northern Ithaca, Football player extraordinaire, he's also one of Ithacas fireman.  He was born in Lahos and grew up there, then worked on the mainland in the  high pressure job of engineering in the automobile industry before marrying Dimitra and settling down on Ithacan soil again with the building of their new house.

Dimitra is a Pharmacist and worked in one of Vathys chemists before she got pregnant.  She gave it all up to concentrate on bringing up her son, although she does tutor the local kids in chemistry and physics.

Nikos and Dimitra are talented, intelligent and educated people who enjoy their life on Ithaca.